10 Magazine Pages 1920s Vintage Fashion Needle Craft Sewing Projects

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Fashion styles in vintage review both women and children from the 1920's.  Plus needlework idea crafts and sewing projects.  All chucked into this collection of 10 pages (20 counting the back side of page) from a variety of magazines of the era.

The offerings are many, from blouses, sweaters dresses and lingerie for the Miss or Mrs., to rompers, hats, and dresses for children.  A wonderful selection of household linens including dainty bed sets, pillow covers, bags and pouches, ribbon work, lamp shades, candle shields, plus other fancy ware.  Needlework includes embroidery, cross stitch, and applique.

No instructions or directions for any of the items, sorry to say, but just a wealth of ideas for imaginative creation.  Also for research, the pages are perfect for historic value.  

As the pages have been cut or torn from magazines, you will find the edges of the pages with roughness, tiny tears and some creases. No major damage.  Except for a couple, all pages are in color.  

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