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10 Quilt Block 1900 Calico Fabric Pieces For Quilting

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Depth: 1.00 Inches
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If you are in need of pieces of early fabric for quilt repair here is a lot of 10.  These have been cut into a shape for a quilt but never used. Would be suitable to use in the repairing of an old quilt though or used in another sewing project. They date from the early part of the 1900's - 1920's.

These fabrics called "neat" were used for quilting and the making of men's shirt, ladies aprons and so for.  All prints are small in scale.

None of the pieces have ever been used or laundered ~ in fact they are crispy crisp!

Several of the fabrics have more than one of the same although most are single. 

The size of the pieces are somewhat trianglar in shape with the widest width 6"  and the narrow part 2-1/4" wide.  The length of the blocks are 4-3/4" long.

Condition is good although you will find oxidation from long storage.

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