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1800s Calico Triangle Cut Fabric Pieces For Quilt, Quilting Crafts

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From Grandma's work basket 49 late 1800s early 1900s calico fabric pieces cut into triangles ready to assemble into a quilt.  However, the quilting project was never fulfilled and has languished all these years in the sewing basket. The fabric is a cotton with a small print of a stylized flower in a black and red on white background

All pieces are in unused condition although you will find some with oxidation from storage. 

Most all the triangles measure 6-3/4" along the bottom and 4-5/8" along the two legs. There are four smaller triangles measuring 5-3/4" along the bottom and 4-1/4" along the two legs and two smaller yet that are thrown in for good measure.

Add these to your gathered scraps to make into a new quilt or use for repairing and restoring an old quilt.

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