1860 Civil War Black Child Mourning Bonnet Velvet Ties Note Attached

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Dating from the Civil War era of the 1860's, a child's black plush velvet bonnet.  The string ties are of black silk velvet.  As the bonnet is quite plain lacking any ornamentation, perhaps it was worn as a mourning bonnet. 

Although plain, it does have some nice pleating detail of the fabric at the back.  The wide brim also is pleated and wired to frame the child's face.  Inside is lined in a black buckram fabric.  An attached note gives the name of Kersten 1860.

Condition:  Very nice for the age.  Some wear, which would be normal, at the edge of the brim.

Measurements:  14-1/2" from, one side to the other, along the inside brim.  Width of the brim is 2-3/4" wide.  It is 10" from one side to the other, along the back of the neck.  Depth from the center front of the brim to the back of bonnet is 4".  Would fit a child about 2 years of age.  

Quite suitable for a larger doll.   


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