1880 Belding Bros Embroidery Crochet Needlework Instruction Book

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Instruction in silk embroidery and crocheting ~ First Edition ~ Belding Bros & Co. needlework instruction book.  Although no date, I'm of the opinion it is 1880's - 1890's era.  80 pages including 15 colored plates of flowers and pillow covers. 

The book includes detailed instruction of embroidering flowers petals, center of flowers, leaves and stems to give the right dimension and shading.  Other pages shows stamped goods that could be purchased to embroidery. 

Also, several pages of instructions for crocheting purse, chatelaine bags etc.  Some worked with beads. 

Size of the book is 6-1/2" x 10".  The book has been used with the cover torn.  It has been scotch taped on the inside of the cover.  Inside pages are good with no missing or torn pages.   Great resource book of what was available at the time.

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