1880 Victorian Hat Velvet Beaded Plush Rosette Purple Gold Black Costumes

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Dating from the late 1880's, a woman's hat in a black velvet plush.  This smallish Victorian hat probably would have sat to the front of the head~ perched, if you will, secured by one of the dagger hatpins, more than likely or sat high on the crown of head. I'm not sure.  A fun hat which wouldn't take up much display space.  Or suitable for costuming. 

The hat is decorated with folds of the velvet fabric in different shapes, then embellished with black glass beads, accented with sequins. Off to one side, a larger plush velvet fabric rosette, in a blue - purple color accented with gold, giving an iridescent shimmer. 

Size: The hat is 6-1/2 x 7" across,  The inside framework of the hat is less, measuring 5-1/4" diameter.  Height of crown is 3" deep.

Condition:  For the age, very nice.  Possibly a tiny bit of wear to the edge of the rosette fabric although may not be as to the two color weave of the fabric.  Appears there are no beads missing,  At least I don't see any. The black velvet is a bit dusty in the cervices but no wear.  Inside lining fabric of the crown is very nice.   




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