1890s Crazy Quilt Blocks Embroidery Painted Silk Velvet Ribbon Lot 11

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Exceptionally gorgeous group of Victorian crazy quilt blocks from the later Victorian era.  Made of silks, velvet, and ribbons.  Many with beautiful embroidery work,  Two with hand painting, such as the heron and crane. 

Fancy embroidery includes a Victorian child, anchor, cat, horseshoe, shaft of wheat, flowers, fan, shoe, and initials.  An award, or other type of ribbon decorations, included is an eagle from Perrysburg, Ohio. 

There are 10 blocks 12" square.   One oblong that is 37-1/2" long x 12" wide.  There are two blocks I am including which have been cut at no charge.    Ten of the block are completely finished but the long piece is only basted together.   Condition of the fabrics are very nice.   I did not notice any damage to the silks.  

Although no history of the quilt blocks, my sixth sense say they are from around the Perrysburg, Ohio area.

What a beautiful group to re-imagine into a quilt of your own or other artistic expression.

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