1890s Early 1900s Star Quilt Hand Stitched Quilted Calico Patchwork Piece As Is

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Here's a very showy quilt, especially in a star pattern, with bold use of colors.  Even though this late Victorian quilt does have some damage, it reflects much charm.  It is hand pieced and hand stitched in a wonderful array of calico fabrics.  

Colors of brown, mustard, double pink, red and black laid out in a pleasing color combination.  One of the sashing color is  red with black dot. The other is a red with white print.  Border print is a black with white print.  The back of the quilt is another print of black with white calico fabric. 

Each of the colorful 12 stars are set on a cream with a flower and leaf design fabric.  Each block is 17" square.  Overall size of the quilt is 84" x 71"  Quilting is 6 stitches to the inch.  Backing of the quilt has been turned to the front edge and hand stitched.  Cotton batting.

Condition:  First, the quilt needs a bath.  Not terribly dirty but needs to be freshened.  Some oxidation marks although, again, not terrible.  There are two blocks that are damaged.  One repair has been made on a star, with later fabric, but should be redone, in my opinion.  One of the points next to it should also be repaired.  On the opposite end, another star, with two points next to each other, needing repair.  Both of these repairs are on corner stars.  I would think this quilt would be worthy of the time invested to properly repair.  Again, my opinion. 

Or it could certainly be enjoyed as it is. 

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