1899 Victorian Crazy Quilt Piece Velvet Silk Fancy Needlework

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Crazy quilts from the past, are treasures of art work with the needle. The more one looks, the more one sees. This wonderful old piece of a crazy quilt is dated 1899. Fabrics included are plush velvet. silks, and felted wool. The date of this artifact is 1899.  Imagine, over 100 years old

Each design is pieced in a crazy pattern with many outlined in feather stitch embroidery.  Other pieces are embroidered on the surface of the fabric.  Flowers, leaves, butterflies, star etc., plus monogram letters.  

A beautiful old piece to admire or study.

Size is 25" x 25"'

Condition:  Decent but does have some shredding here and there of a few pieces of the silk, which is quite common.  Therefore it should be handled carefully to preserve.

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