1900 Art Nouveau Finger Ring Enamel Floral Dance Compact Purse

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Dating from the Edwardian / Art Nouveau era, a dance compact purse with finger ring chain.  The metal case is engine turned, on both front, back and edges, in several motifs typical to the period.  At the center, a lovely urn filled with enamel painted flora. 

Case opens to an oval makeup mirror on one side.  Two wells, one for powder and the other rouge on the other side.  At the center of the case, a swinging hinged compartment for a small comb (no girl should be without a comb) in a tortise-shell color.  Possibly bone as it doesn't appear to be celluloid.

Size of the compact is 1-3/4" wide x 3" long (not including the chain and finger ring.  Depth of case is 1/2" deep   No markings on the case to indicate maker. 

The condition is nice with only minor surface scratches from usage.  No dents to the case that I noticed.  Possibly a tad of paint loss to a few petals of the flowers.  Although possibly not.  Original powder puff but no powder or rouge.  Mirror is good.  Comb does have a couple of small chips along the edge of the top.  No missing teeth.

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