1900's Bed Sheet Shams Italian Drawn Thread Embroidery Floral Motif

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A gorgeous matching flat bed sheet and a pair of layover shams.  Late Victorian or early 1900's the set (possibly Italian)  is hand made and hand embroidered with drawn and cutwork embroidery in a flower motif .


Size of the sheet is 102" x 111", so is quite generous.  It is made of sheeting material and seamed three time to obtain the 102" width.  It is a finer cotton fabric.  The two long sides (length) of the sheet is turned and expertly hand stitched to give a beautifully finished edge.  The construction of the remainder of the seams have been sewn with machine.  Even so, finely done.

The embroidery work is quite lovely and extends almost the full width of the sheet, which would be along the top edge, turning the corner to extend 26", down the sides to form the sheet return. The width of the embroidery work, itself, is 11" in height.   Embroidery and drawn work of flowers that meander, curving this way and that.  It is outlined by what I call ladder work but perhaps it has a different name.  It defines, the area between the embroidery and the edge of sheet. 

Condition of the bed sheet is very nice, however, it should be laundered as it does have oxidation from years of storage.


The lovely embroidery repeats on the shams, only on a smaller scale of the bed sheet.  Shams are oblong.   The size is 28-1/2" wide x 37-1/2" long. The fancy embroidery is only on the one side and is 12-1/2" in height x 30" long.

Condition of the shams are also nice but should be laundered. 

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