1900s Black White Calico Fabric Cotton Print 2 Yards Quilting Sewing

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Depth: 1.00 Inches
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Looking for early calico fabrics for quilting or sewing projects?  Here's a piece dating from the late Victorian, early 1900's.  The black, white and blue (although the blue looks more white on the front side than back.) tiny print fabric calico is 2 yards long x 26" wide, selvage to selvage. 

It has been used, being removed from another textile. Probably a backing for a quilt or comforter, I would suppose. You will find stitch lines and a few smaller holes in the center of the fabric.  Still lots of fabric to create other things.  Scale of dots is about 1/8" diameter. 

Suitable for quilts, doll clothing, costuming or other creative craft projects.

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