1900s Embroidery Pillow Cover Silk Friendship Names Motto Saying

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Those ever wonderful friendship presentation textiles which one finds now and then.  Here is an early 1900's pillow cover with a friendship motto saying.  Encircling around the saying, rectangular blocks, each embroidered with the name of a friend. 

Small flowers and leaves are entwined around the blocks. The poetic saying ~ Friends Are Like Melons.  Shall I Tell You Why?  To Find A good one, A Hundred You Must Try.

The embroidery is worked on a thinner muslin fabric.  In fact sheer. The color of the fabric is a cream-tan.  Back of cover is the same fabric. Color of flowers are worked in a white, with the leaves in green.  Outline of rectangles and names are in a pale yellow.  All embroidery is done in silk thread,  Case at one time had a pillow inside but has been taken out.  

Size is 18-1/2" square.  Condition Is good.  No holes but did find a tiny dot or two of oxidation from storage.




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