1900s Saalfield Paper Doll Paint Cutout Book Frances Brundage Unused

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Here's an adorable find...a paint or color cutout paper doll book by the Saalfield Publishing Co, Akron, Ohio.  Illustrated by Frances Brundage .  No. S 218, dating about 1918.  The cardboard book consist of 8 pages. There are three colored pages, each page with a  7" doll and wardrobe. 

Four black white pages to color or paint.  Each of these pages has one 7" doll and wardrobe.   One colored page of a larger 12" doll, with one outfit . 

Size of the book is 8-1/2" wide x 12-1/2" long. Condition:  Unused, uncut and never colored or painted.  Inked on front cover is  H.R. Saalfield.  One small indent on the front cover.  Otherwise in remarkable good condition.

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