1907 Victorian Paper Scrap Book Lithograph Prints Newpaper Rhymes Riddles Etc

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"Magie Deitrich is my name"....A Victorian scrap book made by Magie and dedicated on May 8, 1907 while still at Stevens Grammer School.   No other information as to where Magie was from.  25 of the pages are filled with early lithograph scraps of women, children, animals, flowers, and several calling cards and trade cards.  Magie also loved rhymes and other sentiments.   In the back of the scrapbook there are 41 pages of newspaper clippings of rhymes, riddles and such.  Reading will certainly make you smile.

The size of the scrapbook is 5-1/4" wide x 7-1/4" long.  It is 1" in thickness.  The covers are heavy card in an embossed design.  Beautiful lettering spells the word "Scrapbook"  with a pair of scissors underneath.  The book was manufactured by the Daniel Slote & Co., New York. Pat'd date issue June 14, 1892.  Each of the pages has gummed lines so when these lines were moistened the scrap paper would stick.  I thought an interesting concept. 

Condition of the book:  Decent but does show wear and some loss of page edging.  Nothing more than from the age of the book and normal handling over the years.  I found only one scrap loose from the book and one portion of a flower stuck on the proceeding page. 

A endearing keepsake treasure.


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