1908 Priscilla Needlework Book Catalog Stamp Patterns Clothing Household Goods

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The Priscilla Needlework Book, a catalog of stamped patterns of household goods, clothing and novelty items.  This delightful 1908 catalog is a treasure trove of stamped goods, materials and sundries.  Imagine, 72 pages of what was available then. 

Truly a history of the past. Excellent source for research ... or just fun reading. I, especially love the novelty items.  Yes, some are obvious their purpose, but others not so obvious? 

Some interesting ones, from the lovely bag for a folding fan, to travelers case, to baby carriage straps, to a hairpin case. Of course the stamped goods for clothing are beautiful.  Even the accessories.  Such as the cutwork embroidery hat, parasol and handbag to match one of the outfits.   Other stamp goods available are a wide array of collars, belts and embroidered stockings. Oh my, the stockings!  Of course, not to be out done are the bedroom and table linens. Doilies of all kind and sizes. 

For the wee ones, clothing, bonnets, collars, bibs and shoes.

Several pages of different style of braids, laces  and tape lace. 

Here it is..... I found this book / catalog fascinating and I think you will, too. 

Condition is very nice.  Size is 6-1/2'x 9". No colored pages.

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