1920 Unfinished Art Craft Linen Table Runner Tint Stamp Embroidery Ends

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Weight: 0.75 LBS
Height: 8.00 Inches
Width: 10.00 Inches
Depth: 1.00 Inches
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A needlework in progress ~ a vintage late teens or 1920's Arts And Crafts table runner in natural linen.  Spectacular Art and Craft style with ends of the stamped runner in tinted blue.  A small portion has been embroidered in a black and mustard gold outline. 

The remaining of the embroidery needs to be finished as well as the hems of the runner.  No embroidery threads were found with the project. 

Size is 52" long x 18-1/4" wide, selvage to selvage. 

Condition is good.  Just needs to be finished. 

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