1920 Vintage Baby Crib Bed Spread Buggy Cover White Pique Embroidery

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An adorable white pique cover, with embroidery, for a baby crib or for an outdoor outing in a buggy or carriage. This sweet spread dates from the 1920's, perhaps somewhat earlier or somewhat later.  The fabric has decorative scallop edge of embroidery completely around the outside.   Plus a scallop highlight to emphasis a "turned-down" area near the top edge.  Meandering leaves and flowers embroidery are also a pretty highlight.  

Size of the cover is 34" long x 25-1/2" wide.

Condition:  Expertly laundered and pressed.  However, in storage it does has a slight smudge at the center of the flowers at the point of the scallop.  (see photo).

Decorating your home with vintage? My thought ~ folded in thirds, I can imagine it used as a round bolster pillow roll with the ends left open for the bolster to be inserted.  Just an idea.  Perhaps you have another one.



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