1920s Christmas Ornament Wire Glass Bead Star 3 Gold Tinsel Tassels

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Height: 7.00 Inches
Width: 7.00 Inches
Depth: 5.00 Inches
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For your Christmas tree consideration, a neat old vintage 1920's glass beaded, star shaped on wire ornament. Round glass ball in the center of the star.  The beading is in a blue green color.    Hanging from the bottom of the star, three gold metallic tinsels. Not sure if they are in the shape of a cross or an X,  I lean towards a cross.

Even though this is an interesting old ornament, the beads of the star does have flaws.  Missing from the wire of the star, two of the elongated shaped beads.  No other damage.

Length of the ornament, from the top to tip of the bottom of tinsel is 6" long.  Width across the tinsel area is 5-1/2"  .  Width and length across the star is 2-3/4" 

Condition:  As noted above.

Enjoy as it is or use in crafts. 

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