1920s Hiawatha Parchment Lamp Shades Dennison Craft Box Lot

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Fun crafts of the 1920's, included the traditional ones we think of, such as needlework, to decorate the home, but other types of crafts flourished, too.  Such as decorating parchment shades to give a lamp a genuine one-of-a-kind look. 

The Gatherings is offering three Hiawatha pleated parchment lampshades, still in the  original boxes.  Boxes are marked with the registered Hiawatha trade mark. Manufactured by Dritz-Traum Co. 258 Fifth Avenue, New York.

The shades are specifically made for usage with the Dennison Scissor Painting, a crepe paper design by Dennison, which as the directions state, even the inexperienced person can do.  Each box lid is printed with the complete direction and supplies needed. 

There are three difference sizes of the pleated shades.  The smallest is 7-1/2" in height. 11-1/2" in height.    10" in  height .  Also included in one box is a envelope of Dennison fasteners for joining the ends of the shade.  None in the other two boxes.  Nice graphics on the lid of each box.  

The pleated shades are in very nice condition and in a wonderful color of parchment.  Boxes are very decent but not minty. 

Please note:  pleated shades only are in the boxes. No frames or other supplies for making. 


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