1930s Depression Era Quilt Hand Stitched Texas Lone Star Multi Color

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The Gatherings is offering a wonderful Depression (1930's-1940's) era hand quilted quilt in the Texas Star - Lone Star pattern.  I don't believe the quilt has ever been laundered and possibly never used.  The white fabric of the quilt is muslin - more than likely feed/flour sacking. 

Overall size is 70-1/4" x 78". The star, itself, measures 53".  Making up the star, is a combination of solid cotton fabrics in a well-designed laid out colors scheme.   It is a striking quilt.  Each diamond shaped piece used in the star is 1-1/4" x 3-1/2".  The stitching is 8 stitches to the inch. 

There are three patterns of quilting used on the quilt.  The green border, measuring 5-1/8" wide, is quilted in a diamond pattern, as is the inner border of white. A pattern developed around the larger star, are four quilted smaller stars measuring 14-1/4" square.  Each of these stars are situated on a "corner".  Alternating with these stars and the points of the large star, are triangle shaped quilting motif. 

Take a good look at the qult as I think you will notice this lovely design. Edges of the quilt are turned inward and machine stitched. 

Condition:  Although stored for many years, you will find a tad (just a tad) of oxidation and a tiny tiny damaged area in one of the colored blocks.  In my opinion, I feel it was caught on something.  Certainly does not appear to be weakness of fabric. This treasure from the past, I feel would not be a disappointment.

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