1950 Black Crepe Tunic Style Cocktail Dress Padded Embroidery Grape Motif

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Height: 12.00 Inches
Width: 14.00 Inches
Depth: 3.00 Inches
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A classic vintage 1950's woman's black crepe cocktail dress in a straight skirt, one piece tunic style.  Rounded neck with straight long sleeves.  Short zipper at the neck at center of back for easing over the head.  The tunic is constructed with a long side zipper that partially overlays the upper skirt. 

Side opening on the skirt, (under the tunic) closes with a group of snaps. Depending on how tall one is, the skirt could almost touch the floor. Two short slits at the hem, on either side gives more ease of movement.  Thread loops at the waist line but no belt was found with the dress.  In my opinion, actually, doesn't need a belt. 

The dress is embellished with grape and leaves design.  One near the shoulder area and the other on the lower tunic, near the side.  The large leaves are satin padded and the highlights embroidered.    The grapes are made of a black plastic round babble disc.  Each are hand sewn to the fabric to form a cluster of grapes.  It is so striking.  Shoulders of dress have shoulder pads    Label inside is Petite Lady Modes.  No size tag.

Condition:  Not entirely without flaws,  I noticed on the outer fold of one sleeve, some fading of the black.  This is a narrow width, the full length. The only other flaw is loss of some of the round ''grape" babbles on both of the grape embellishments.  Possibly some of the babbles could be taken off and moved around to form shorter clusters?  Just a thought.  Or maybe some other inspiration comes to mind.

Measurements:  52" long from the neck to hem.  16" across, from shoulder to shoulder,  17" long from neck, at center back to waist line.  34" around the bust.  29" around the waist.  36" hip.  Sleeve length is 20" long. 

Has been dry cleaned but not recently although still very clean,

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