2 Early 1900s Toy Wood Building Blocks Letters Animals Eagle

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Love these two early 1900's kid's wooden toy building blocks.  The pictures on the first block is a sheep and eagle, both printed in blue.  Embossed letter O and F with printed letter X and the number 7 complete the sides. 

The pictures on the second block are cows and reindeer.  Again, printed in blue.  Embossed letter are P and G. Printed letter of Y and the number 8 complete the sides of block.

Condition:  Blocks have been played with, so there is the normal wear and tear.  Still the blocks are decent, especially the printed blue sides. 

Size of each block 1-3/4" .

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Wood blocks

Posted by Teresa Schreck on 18th Feb 2018
Adding these fun blocks to my collection, happy to have found them especially with the pictures of the eagle and reindeer!
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