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3 Swift & Co Toilet Soap Bars Paper Wrapper Crown Princess Violet Rosamel

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Dating from the early 1900's, Victorian, three Swift & Company toilet soap bar.  Beautiful lithograph paper wrappers in colorful graphics.  One bar is called Crown Princess, with a Colonial couple on the label.  Second bar is called Violet.  A lavender shade of paper with a bevy of violets and red hearts surrounding the gold label.  The third is called Rosamel, a bust of a Renaissance woman in the center with two cupids on either side. 

Each soap is about 3-1/2" x 2-1/2". 

Condition:  The paper wrapper with violets is the best condition.  It still had the original Swift & Co gold seal on the back but torn on one corner.  The wrapper of the Crown Princess is good but does have a bit of crinkle to the corners of paper.  Gold seal on the back is intact but partially loose.  The wrapper of the Rosamel has more crinkles to the paper and is missing the seal (someone has used a piece of scotch tape to seal).  Still decent but less perfect than the other two. 

A lovely assortment for a display on a vanity.

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