3 Victorian Battenburg Tape Lace Printed Stencil Cloth Patterns To Complete

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An offering of three stenciled cloth patterns for completing Battenburg tape lace making.  Battenburg was a very popular form of lace making, from the late Victorian era into the early part of the 20th century.  This type of tape lace is embellished with handstitched needlework as you see "in progress" from the  larger cloth pattern in blue.   This type of cloth patterns were readily available for purchase, through mail order needlework catalogs or magazines of the day.   Along with the stamped patterns, the tapes to make the lace were included, or could be purchased separately.  

There are two smaller patterns, in pink.  One is a butterfly, measuring 6-1/2" across the top of the wing spread x 5-1/4" long, through center body, when finished.  The other pattern is a pretty bow.  For dress or collar.  It measures 4-1/2" x 5-1/4", when finished.

The larger of the pieces, (in blue), is a center piece table doily edging.  Finished, it measures 27-1/2" square.  As noted:  All the tape, of the lace has been completed.  A small percentage of the filling stitches have been started (as again, noted).  A project to finish.  Or a great study group  to used for research and reference.  This particular stencil was produced by the Art Embr'y'd Dept., Quackenrush (or brush) & Co.  No name as to manufacturer of the pink stencils.  Condition is very nice on all three patterns.  A tiny amount of oxidation but relatively clean.

All three sold as a lot..

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