3 Victorian Educational Toy Slice Puzzles Lithograph Card Boat Yacht Car

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A group of three Victorian, 1900's toy slice or strip puzzles.  It was a wonderful way to teach youngsters their letters plus help them to read and spell with the aid of the illustrations.  The three puzzles featured are YACHT, BOAT and CAR.  The puzzles are made of lithograph printing on card. 

Sizes vary according to the number of letters.  However, each piece is 7" long x 1-1/8" wide. 

Condition: The letter "C" of yacht does have a bend through the width.  As does the O in boat. A blotch of white on the letter T of boat. However, I was able to rub some of this off.  It may be with a little TLC most would come off.

For an interesting home decorating look, try framing.

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