5 Vintage 1930s Glass Christmas Feather Tree Ornaments Hand Painted Opaque Decoration

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Height: 6.00 Inches
Width: 6.00 Inches
Depth: 6.00 Inches
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A lot of five 1930's glass feather tree Christmas ornaments.  Nice for a taller feather tree. Slightly opaque glass with hand painted decoration around the body of ball.  Four have a pointed end and one just round.  All have same color coloration, (rose-red and white) however the hand painted decoration is somewhat different on some.  No markings as to country but perhaps German.

Two are matching, same size (2-1/2" long to the point x 1-1/2" diameter)  A squiggly design through the body of the ornament.

The design matches on the other two pointed ornaments, but different sizes.  The one is 3" in length , to the point x 1-1/2" diameter.  The length of the other is 2-1/2" long to the point x 1-1/2" diameter. A stylized design of flower.

The round ball a crisscross scroll design.  1-1/2" in diameter.

Condition.  The metal caps on all show some rust.  Some scratches to the colored surface and design.  Nothing more than expected.


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