6 Early Victorian China Buttons Luster Ring Inkwell Saucer Purple No Match

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Dating from the 19th century, Victorian era, six white china buttons.  Each one is different but all have purple edging.  The group consist of a luster center, saucer, ringer and inkwell style.  Suitable for sewing or craft projects where matching buttons are not needed.

The largest of the group is the luster center 5/8" diameter.  The inkwell is just over 1/2" diameter.  Double ring is 1/2" diameter.  Smaller inkwell is just under 1/2" diameter and a smaller one yet, is 3/8" diameter.The last is a saucer  just over 1/2" diameter.

Condition:  Only one shows a tiny chip with the most wear of the purple color.  The remainder show a tiny bit of wear or none at all. 

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