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9 Early Victorian Calico Stencil China Buttons Assorted Color Size

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A lovely group of stencil and calico china buttons dating from the mid 19th century to later Victorian era. There are 9 in the lot, with no two matching, in a variety of colors, styles and sizes. The two smallest of the nine are 4-hole. The other seven are 2-hole. 

Again, the smallest two are calicos, both white backgrounds.  One is printed with black stars and the other in a brown meandering vine pattern.  The size of each of these buttons is 3/8" diameter.  Coloration and condition of the brown vine is good.  Some pattern wear of the stars at the outside edge on the other one,  which is normal. 

The remaining seven buttons are all stencil, different styles and colors. 

The largest of the seven are 3/4" diameter.    One is a tan on white, the other is a caramel on white stencil.  Both are decent condition.

There are two sizes in a cross hatch pattern, but not matching.   The larger size is 5/8" diameter in a lavender color,  The smaller one is 1/2" diameter in a tan.  Some wear of pattern on the smaller one.  The other is decent.

The last three are orange on white, each with a different stencil pattern.  Two are 5/8" diameter.  The last is 1/2" diameter.  Slight wear on the edge of one of the larger ones.  Others are decent.

A fun group for crafts or sewing projects. 

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