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Advertising Fold Out Trade Card Mount Penn Stove Works Queen Esther Range

SKU: PT006
Weight: 0.56 LBS
Height: 3.00 Inches
Width: 4.00 Inches
Depth: 1.00 Inches
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Now here's a Victorian trade card that is cute as pie! How could someone resist a sweet little girl carrying orders to the Mount Penn Stove Works for  their new Queen Esther Range.  According to the advertisement, the unrivalled queen of all ranges.

This 3" x 4" fold out advertising trade card features the sweet Victorian girl on the front.  When the card is flipped open, the text advertises all the virtues of the Queen Esther stove.  The back of the card show a print of the Queen Esther range. 

A very nice card in good condition.

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