Antique 1900 Lithograph Cat Metal Sewing Measure Thread Cutter

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Here is a wonderful sewing tool from an old Ohio estate.  The lithograph metal measuring square with thread cutter, was found tucked in an old sewing basket.  Although, the cat featured on the square certainly looks to be the Corticelli cat, I'm not sure that it is.  Regardless, the tool has to be rather unusual. 

Printed along the edge, (I assume, the manufacture), of The L.F. Burdick Co., Hardware and Sheet Metal Works, 2011 Adams St., Toledo, Ohio.  Pat'd Applied for. 

The condition of the graphics are very nice.  A ripple in the metal on one end of the square is the only flaw.  A nice early piece of sewing.  Size is 5" long on either length to the corner.  Depth of the piece is 2-3/4"  from the corner to the inner edge.

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