Antique 1900s Turkey Redwork Quilt Embroidery Children Animals Hand Quilted

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The ever popular Turkey red embroidery, done from the heyday of the late 1880s falling out of favor by the late 1920s to 1930s, was worked into many quilts of the era.  This delightful redwork embroidery quilt is no less charming than many others that I have seen or sold.  Although no date appears on the quilt it is probably from the very early part of the 1900s.

The quilt consist of 45 blocks each embroidered in a variety of motifs.  Many of them Victorian children at play, nursery rhymes, animals and flora.

Each of the blocks are sashed with a white with tiny red dot print fabric.  The quilt has been repeatedly laundered so over the course of time the red dot  fabric has faded, although still visible.  On the other hand,  the redwork embroidery, even though it has been laundered, is still bright.

The photos will show you various close ups of some of the darling blocks.  Each blocks measure 8" square.

The quilt is hand quilted with 8 stitches to the inch.  The quilting is done in a cross hatching design.  Overall size is 71-1/2" wide x 80" long.

Condition is very nice with no stains or tears.

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