Antique Battenburg Tape Lace Printed Cloth Pattern Stencil Doily To Complete

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An offering of a stenciled cloth doily pattern for completing Battenburg tape lace making.  Battenburg was a very popular form of lace making, from the late Victorian era into the early part of the 20th century.  

These type of cloth patterns were readily available for purchase through mail order needlework catalogs or magazines of the day.   Along with the stamped patterns, the tapes to make the lace were included or could be purchased separately.

This early 1900's  Priscilla pattern is an intricate design of a centerpiece doily, or inset, and as you note from the photo, it would be stunning finished.  Included with the stencil is the tape lace trim yardage to complete the project.  No rings or thread are included, however, the amount needed is printed on the pattern.

Completed the doily would measure 21"L x 17-1/4" wide. 

Pattern and tape trim are very clean and in good condition. 

If you are looking for tape lace trim, I do have other available which can be purchased here on the site.  All are old and all unused.

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