Antique Children's 1914 Story Hour Readers Second Year School Book

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This endearing 2nd reader school book belonged to Roy Peterson.  Young Roy lived in Sandusky, Ohio and from his hand written note inside the book, it reads he attended Campbell School in Sandusky. The Story Hour Readers, Book Two is copyrighted 1914 and was written by two women,  Ida Coe, Assistant Principal, Public Schools, New York City and Alice J. Christie, Primary Teacher, Public Schools, New York City.

It is 204 pages of text and illustrations.  One of the stories included in the book is the Three Bears.

Perhaps Roy spent a great deal of time reading the book as there are some issues with condition.  There are a fair amount of pages that do have tears from short tears of about 1" to a page or two like the first and third photos I have shown of the book.  No missing pages.

Not a perfect book, so if you can overlook some blemishes, it is very charming.

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