Antique Crazy Quilt Embroidery Wool Fabric Yarn Tied Comforter Charming

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Height: 12.00 Inches
Width: 12.00 Inches
Depth: 12.00 Inches
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A charming later Victorian hand tied crazy quilt made with mainly wool fabric, decorative embroidery and flannel backing.  A winter quilt of colorful yarn and darker fabric. 

Brown plaid flannel is used for the back and is in nice condition.  The quilt is constructed of a wide border along two sides and bottom edge. No border at the top.  In the center between the borders are wonderful graphics of embroidered artistic needlework.  

Some of the sweet designs are a sitting rabbit, crescent and stars, teapot, stars, fruits, 2 butterflies, a cute cat, heart, fish and garden bugs.  A nicely executed design.  Flannel backing is folded back over the top edge and stitched. 

Size is 84-1/4" long x 68" wide.  This size includes the border which is 15" wide.

Condition:  As with most quilts, some damage.  Although only one fabric piece is completely shredded.  You will notice it is the one with the embroidered shoe. Two other pieces show some shreds.  Overall, I would list the quilt as a good 7 to 8 in condition and with care would provide years of enjoyment. 

No dates or signatures.  The age is probably late 1890's.

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