Antique Doll Blouse Voile Print Fabric Tucks Home Sewn Primitive Edwardian 1915

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From the later Edwardian era, a home sewn voile print doll blouse, featuring standup collar and tuckwork.  I think one of the marvel of this little gem is the creativity of making the fabric  "stretch".  Not really a stretch as we think, but seaming pieces of limited fabric together to require the amount needed to complete the project.   One has to marvel at the ingenuity of the fabrication.  I can remember my own grandmother employing this very technique.  I feel, in this case, it also provide a distinct shape to the blouse.  Often times as you find, too, the bottom of the blouse (they were called waist then) were left with a raw edge.  I guess when they were tucked in the raw edge would never show.  So why finish?  

The print of the fabric is a series of dots, circles and perhaps a small flower. It is so  faded, it is hard to know. Still it didn't matter, dolly had a new piece of clothing. The blouse is 6"in length from the neck line to the bottom edge. 8" from shoulder to shoulder. 16" around the chest.   Sleeve length is 3-3/4" long.  Sleeve opening is 4" around.

Condition:  A couple small holes and one seams partially pulled apart. A few stitches would fix.

Suitable for a farmhouse primitive look.  Dates about 1915

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