Antique Edwardian 6 Sampler Crochet Lace Doily In Booklet

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I found this sampler book a bit of a mystery ~ mystery to its orginial location ~ the island of Jamaica or a town here in the U.S. such as Jamaica, N.Y.?  This wonderful book was found in the state of New York, so possibly the inked name of "Jamaica" on the cover, suggest it is, indeed, New York. 

I especially love the spelling of "doyleys" ~ so old fashioned, isn't it!! The word "fibre" is spelled the British way, not the American way of "fiber".

The book's hexagon shape with its notched and scalloped edge is quite attractive.  The page leaves are also the same shape, with the same detail.  Cover is a medium weight cardboard with the pages almost of tissue.  Cover is tied with silk ribbon.

There are 6 small crochet lacy samples.  Each slightly different in motif.  Each having its own page in the book.

In examination of each of the doilies, I feel they are not worked with cotton thread but with another type of fiber.  Perhaps the doilies are worked with a hemp or jute thread. 

None of the doilies were secured in the book but just pressed between the pages, therefore, I have photographed all six, on a dark background, so the designs could be seen more clearly.

Each doily measures about 4-1/2" in diameter.  The overall size of the book is 7" square

The book is in very nice condition as well as the doilies, however, each doily does have oxidation from storage.. 

My final thought regarding the book, could be a salesman's sample or a souvenir of a visit from Jamaica.

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