Antique Edwardian Flat Braid Trim Dress Clothing Embellishment

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Here's a pretty 1900's, Edwardian hand styled flat trim embellishment. A lovely piece for costuming, dressmaking or even to accent a sash or belt.  Flat straight braid was used to make the loops and curlicues, each stitched to hold its shape into this pretty creation. 

At a couple of points one can see where the braid was tacked together with a few stitches.  It could be taken apart with each individual piece used separately.  At the center of the two pieces. on either end, was a lace inset but was badly damaged with most gone.  Again, it does not harm the embellishment with it removed.  Colors are tan and black.

Length of the piece, from one end to the other is  10-1/2"long.   Width is 3-1/2" wide on either of the end pieces.  The width of the middle one is 2-1/2" wide.

A trim piece for a creative imagination. 


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