Antique Edwardian Lace Ruffle Collar Sash Black Ribbon Embellishment

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Now, this is an intriguing collar, sash or ruffle.  Dates from the Edwardian or perhaps 1920's, the collar (I'll call it a collar) is made of narrow insertion lace, lacing lace for ribbon, and edging lace.  Each lace is sewn together to make a long ruffle. 

Black ribbon is laced through four of the laces.   The collar is wider at the center, (5-1/2" wide) tapering to where it is joined with a snap at the ends.  It is 5" wide at this point.  The length of the ruffle collar is 60" in length. completely a round to where it snaps. 

The lace is cotton.  The ribbon is satin.  The color of the lace is an ivory or ecru.  

Condition:  A few tiny holes but no major problem.  I noticed the thread has broken on the edging lace away from the joining lace . About 2" needs to be reattached. 

Be creative! 


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