Antique Edwardian Straw Hat Wide Brim Silk Ribbon French English Label

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Height: 17.00 Inches
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Depth: 8.00 Inches
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A 1900's antique finer weave straw hat from the Edwardian era. The crown is 2" tall and is styled with a beige silk ribbon affixed with a bow and short streamers.  Two fabric flowers adorn the one side.  One a purple lilac and the other a plush, in a fuchsia color.

This treasure, with its wide brim, is 16" in diameter.   

It has a silk lining inside the crown, which is partially shattered.  The label reads:  English Warehouse, Clift (I believe)  and French, circling the label. Inside label:  Rue Basse Du Rempar, 74, Bould de la Madeleine, 2 Rue Vignon. 

Under the label the word Trademark with the words London Manufacture. I would assume English manufacture for French market.

Condition:  Very decent but not perfect.  Shattering to the silk lining with some staining.  The same to the ribbon hat band. A break of the weave of the straw in a couple areas near the edge of brim.  Although these really don't show, the hat could still be worn with care or display.

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