Antique Fancy Bed Sheet Appenzell Cutwork Embroidery Darn Net Lace Victorian Edwardian

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So lovely!  An early 1900's Victorian or Edwardian (probably Italian) white bed sheet with fancy work Appenzell embroidery and cutwork.  This needlework is the full width across the one end of the sheet.  Made of nice quality cotton and linen fabric (metis), it has a wonderful feel. 

A design of scrolls and ovals is filled with embroidery of flowers, tendrils, and ladder work cutwork, throughout the fancy work part..  The beautiful pattern is 63" long, varying from 1" high, on either end, to 12" high at the center.  Just below the needle work is a row of hemstitching. 

The hem is embellished with 2-1/2" wide scallop darn net lace, which is hand attached, on only the one end.  The lace, too, is in a stylized flower design.  The remainder of the bed sheet is plain fabric, except for another row of hemstitching across the opposite end of the sheet.

Overall size is 74-1/2" wide x 107" long.  This would fit a standard size bed. 

Condition, although it has not been recently cleaned, and should be laundered, it has been used but nice.  Some oxidation, mostly along the side edges which would soak out.  I may have missed a broken thread or such but did not notice any.

A gorgeous addition, to add a touch of old, to your bed linen decor.


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