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Antique Primitive 1920's Handmade Black Cloth Rag Doll Indigo Blue Dress

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From a collection of rag / cloth dolls, this doll dates from the early part of the 20th Century and probably no later than 1920's. She is a homemade doll including her indigo blue dot dress. 

Alas, not too much care was given for precision stitching ~ it does leave a bit to be desired  ~ still isn't that where the charm lays with rag dolls?

Her facial features are embroidered and don't you just love the stitched nose someone has given her?  It certainly gives her personality!

She has stubby arms with no defined fingers.

Best of all it her hairdo.  It is made of a grey and black yarn stitched along the face in a plaited manner then pulled back into a bun. Her hair was the focal point that caught my attention as I think the bun affair wonderfully done.

Her boots are black velvet showing some wear  although not much.

See below for a photo of her body.  She measures 15-1/2" tall.  Body is made of black sateen and stuffed with what seems to be rags.  The head is stitched to the body and without much filling at this point so her head is wobbly.

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