Antique Sewing Footstool Carriage Rest Victorian Walnut Upholstery

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Height: 10.00 Inches
Width: 10.00 Inches
Depth: 6.00 Inches
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Here's a charming antique Victorian small sewing stool foot rest. Or perhaps it may have been used in a carriage, also to rest the feet.  Dating from the later 1800's, the framework of the round stool is walnut. 

The delicate straight legs are fancy, I believe, bun style? Each has a brass tack to help keep the wood ends of the feet from wear.  Although as noted, one leg tip /side is worn /chewed. 

Size of the stool is 6-3/4" diameter x 4" tall....can you imagine the dainty feet resting upon it? 

The covering has been replaced at some time or another but as you note, it has the original horsehair and burlap underneath.  The covering has been tacked all away around to the edge of stool  Then a gimp trim glued over the tacked edge of the cloth.  

The footstool is waiting for restoration of the cover.  Possibly needlework of some type would serve it well. The wood of the frame is in original finish condition and is good, except for the one chewed leg.  I do note though, the stool does not sit level...a bit off balance, you might say. Still it is balanced on three legs.  Perhaps it is due to the one damaged leg. 

A collectible diminutive size for a sewing room or even a doll display. 

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