Antique Silk Asian Handkerchief Pillow Top Embroidery Lace Drawn Thread

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Width: 10.00 Inches
Depth: 1.00 Inches
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A sewing craft project of many years ago, this silk hankie pillow top cover features hand embroidery flowers and cranes in an Asian /Oriental style.  Each of the of four handkerchiefs have been stitched together, and embellished with lace for lacing a pretty ribbon.   

The hankies are a soft creamy color with the embroidery work in a matching shade.  The only additional color are the legs, lower body and beak of each of the cranes. 

Situated in all four corners of each of the hankies is a lovely square of drawn lace which certainly adds a dimension of beauty. Lovely scallop border at the edge.

Most of these hankie pillow toppers are a home sewn project, with most using a printed cotton handkerchief. This is an exception as it uses silk hankies.  Dating from the later Victorian or Edwardian era. 

Size of the topper is 25" square. 

Condition:  It has been enjoyed.  Some raveling, fraying to the edge as noted in the photo.  This is the most significant damage.  Minor is a couple pin dot holes and a dot of soil.

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