Antique Victorian Advertising Corset Box American Beauty Rose Graphics

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From the Kalamazoo Corset Co., a graphic box advertising the Kalamazoo Corset.  The lithograph lid of the cardboard box features a long stemmed rose, a trademark of the corset company.   End papers also feature the rose and includes the #602, the style of the corset.   This is the box only and does not include the corset.

Length of the box is 17" long x 3" wide x 2-7/8" tall.  Condition of the box is decent but not perfect.  Some soiling to the cardboard side.  The normal loss of paper at the edges of box and a split of the box lid on one of the long side.  Not much more than one would expect.  Even so, the beautiful graphics of the lid offset any of the damage.

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