Antique Victorian Corset Shoulder Braces Straps Blue Satin Schilling Model 890

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Depth: 5.00 Inches
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A stunning Victorian corset from the late 1890's or very early 1900's.  Made of a blue satin, probably of cotton with sateen finish, Inside lining is a tan cotton.  The quilted stitching is a diamond pattern over the bust.  Remainder stitching with boning is vertical.  Permanently sewn shoulder braces at the back, fastening over the shoulders to the front with bone buttons.  Silk or silk rayon corset lacing, in a lighter shade of blue, fastens the back of corset.  Five metal hooks, imprinted with Schilling, secures the front.  Imprinted on the inside, Model Form Style 890 Trademark, Schilling Corset Co.  Possibly a sporting corset or healthy wear?   The number 22 is also printed inside. Possibly a size number.

Measurements:  23-1/4" length, from the middle of shoulder strap to the hem, center front.  29" bust.  22" waist.

Condition:  Some oxidation from storage.  I noticed the top hook, at the bust, has dug into the fabric, opposite side.  I can see why its tight with the form fitting padding of the bust.  There is very little room to secure the hook.

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