Antique Victorian Edwardian Silk Paisley Heart Shape Needle Case

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Hand made silk fabric covered cardboard needle case from the late Victorian era or early part of the 1900's. This lovely heart shape case is covered in a silk paisley fabric.

As you see from the photo, the heart is seamed down the center front allowing either side of the heart to be opened or the entire lid lifts to reveal the complete inside.

The lining inside is of red silk with one cream woolen leaf for storing pins and needles. Back of the case is also the same paisley fabric as the front.

Condition: As you notice there is some fabric loss to the red silk. A very tiny bit of fraying to the outside fabric along the edge of heart.  Although, I don't think a big concern.

 The heart measures 4" wide to the point x 4-1/2" wide

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