Antique Victorian Edwardian Tucks Lace Embroidery Monogram Bed Sheet

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Beautiful hand needlework from the Victorian through the early years of the 20th Century was exhibited on all types of household items as well as clothing of the day.  Bed linens also displayed lovely workmanship of extraordinary detail.

It is with great pride, The Gatherings is offering a Victorian or early 1900's bed sheet, that shows the depth of skill of the maker.  The cotton sheet is machine sewn with a row of insertion lace between two sets of four tucks each.  The sewing of tucks, is not always an easy task, so to find eight rows across the width of the sheet, as well as extension along the sheet return, is a feat in itself.  The tucks are not the only embellishment, as the sheet is embroidered with a beautiful monogram of the initials  R.M.  The  monogram is 5-12" wide x 6" tall.  The twining monogram flows outward to small cutwork flowers which are outlined in the palest of blue.  The monogram, itself, is outlined in faded red with most of the lettering in white.  Also a striking feature, is the beautiful 4" wide lace trim edging the top width of the sheet, extending on either side 25" to form the sheet return.  Overall size of the bed sheet is 89" wide x 110" long.

Condition is very nice, however, although laundered at some time, it hasn't been recently cleaned, so you will find some oxidation from storage.  I did notice one small hole in the lace as noted in one of the photo.  I am sure it could be repaired.

An eye catching bed sheet that I am sure will dazzle.  Especially if you have the initials R. M.

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