Antique Victorian Folding Fan Box Only Textured Paper Hand Painted Roses

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Height: 3.00 Inches
Width: 12.00 Inches
Depth: 4.00 Inches
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A lovely antique Victorian folding hand held fan box only.  What a beautiful container for storing a prize fan.  Made of white heavy cardboard, wrapped in a textured paper, with a folding lid.   The lid, front and sides are dotted with hand painted roses.  Dainty full-bloom and buds in pink and white.  The color of the paper seems to have a slight greenish tint.  Inside the lid, the box is signed in gold lettering, L. P. Hollannder  g Co, Boston New York

Size of the box is 10-1/2"long x 2-1/4" tall and 1-1/4" wide, at the widest point.  It is 1" wide at the narrow end.  If you had the right size fan, what a perfect box for storage. 

Condition of the box is good.  Some soiling, paper loss at a corner.  Nothing more than one would expect for the age.

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