Antique Victorian Hand Painted Silk Folding Fan Bone Guard Sticks

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Folding fans from the latter part of the 19th C were lavished decorated by many artist of the period.  The fans were carved with elaborate designs on the guards and sticks to spectacular paintings on the folds of the fan.

The Gatherings is offering a late Victorian folding fan with bone guards and sticks.  A soft coloring of hand painted flora and bird, in an oriental feeling, is painted on a portion of the silk satin folds.  Swandown feathers is attached to the upper 2" to give the fan a beautiful accent and a demure look. The fabric of the back of the fan is also of a silk but of a plain weave.  This is a lovely fan and the first time offer as it has been recently purchased from a local estate.  Yes, it was found in a trunk! 

Measurements of the fan:  When open, it extends 23".  Height is 13"  Very nice condition, although some shedding of the feathers.  Also very clean. 

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